392/394 Oxford Road

| Fernside School

Fernside School is a 12-teacher, Year 1–8 school with a long 150 year history of providing quality educational provision for the students in the Fernside and surrounding areas.

We are currently operating in 3 teaching teams of 4 teachers plus learning support workers. We have an interesting mix of buildings, reflecting the long history of the school. In the middle and senior school, classrooms are in pairs with "breakout" spaces designed to maximise opportunities for collaborative teaching and learning. In the junior school single cell classrooms dominate, but even here teachers take every appropriate opportunity to share teaching and learning programmes.

As a rural school, we take pride in the connection we have with the local community and physical surroundings. Our school is proud to be a part of the Puketeraki Community of Learning. We believe we offer quality education in a safe, friendly and supportive learning environment. We are proud to be here.